Saturday, October 30, 2010

If you go to crops...

What do you want to see at your vendors' tables?

I have several large crops coming up in the very near future, and I'd like to pick your brain!  If you have been to a crop, whether it was all day or a full weekend, what do you hope to find on your vendors' tables?  Kits?  Paper packs?  Stamps, inks, blocks?  Accessories?  Tools?  Single sheets of paper and card stock?  Stickers?

Please leave a comment about what you want to see, and it'll be a HUGE help to me!  Oh, and by the way, one lucky commenter will WIN A PRIZE FROM ME!!!  What could it be?  Well, leave a comment and you just might find out!  Thanks so much!!



Colleen said...

If I had to create my favorite table it would have...

project samples with instructions and product lists - then those items would be like 20% off if purchased on the spot.

A make and take - pick some product you want to showcase and do a simple make and take that uses it (like glitter or embossing, something you love but can never seem to get people to buy - hook them and make them want it.) They can play with it there and then they will HAVE to have some.

Product previews

Book a show gifts - maybe a grab bag with products or coupons. If you book a show, you will get that when you close within a certain time frame, certain amount of sales, guests - whatever you find the most attractive. make the gifts something people will love but not that will put you out of your limit.

You should definitely have the sponge daubers out. I freakin love them and would never know how much better they are than other company's if I wasn't using them in a class I took at an away crop.

You should definitely also showcase the card stock. it feels wonderful, cuts beautifully and coordinates so well between lines.

If I think of anything else I will repost.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Colleen!! Wonderful ideas! I want more ideas to have the BEST table at crops!!

Candy said...

I don't know which crops you are vending at but I agree with the first post. If I am familiar with the product sometimes I am looking for the papers to reproduce one of the projects in the catalog.

I went to a weekend crop out of state that had a different consultant and I did all of her classes because I had taken her classes at a previouse weekend crop. I bought everything she used and duplicates in a couple cases. Now I just come back and buy from you or another CTMH consultant. We did acrylic albums, memor boards, 6 two page LO's, etc.

For your company I look for stamps, embellishments, paper packs, etc. I don't know how much you want to carry. You can contact me personally about what this other woman had and her setup. She seemed to be very popular but from a far distance....I like to support my local folks.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Candy! I have lots of single sheets of paper, paper kits, paper packs, My Stickease, some half priced stamp sets (gently used) and new stamps sets, some embellishments, some My Creations projects, and always Bonding Memories glue. I have also started carrying kits-two-page layouts pre-cut and with a sheet of stamped images in it, also includes directions.

uscgdw said...

I would like examples of projects and the materials needed to make them. That way I can take it home while I am enthuesed about it and it is fresh in my mind.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Carol!!!

Ericka P. said...

Hi. I have been to so many crops I like some of the ideas already given.

-I second having extras (to sell) of any sample pages you may be teaching at a class or just up for viewing for ideas.
-Make and takes are always fun too!
-I always need cardstock or fun patterned paper when I go to a bring lots.
-I always seem to run out of adhesive a crops
-New stuff!
-Lots of pages ideas using products we can purchase from your table.
-As always a good sale always helps.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Ericka!