Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ink Blending Technique

This is one of Close to My Heart's most popular new stamp sets!  It's called Circle of Love
and is $22.95.  A really cool technique for stamping with this large peacock (goes so well with Magnifique, shown in the previous post!) is to use sponge daubers and three ink colors.  

Let's get started.

Here is what the finished peacock looks like:
 Start with your stamp set:
 I usually place the 6x6 piece of foam that comes with each stamp set under my paper to help give a really good impression.
 I used the largest block for the peacock and a pack of sponge daubers .
 I chose three coordinating inks that represented three levels of color:  Sky for lightest, Lagoon for medium, and Pacifica for the darkest.
 I flipped the Sky ink pad over and inked the entire peacock with it.
 It's hard to see, but he's covered with Sky blue!
 Then I used a sponge dauber and Lagoon ink to pounce some of the medium blue onto the peacock.  This blends it a bit with the Sky (makes a lovely color) and will help define the peacock.  Notice the glitter on my ink pad?  That's from the Holiday Tag workshop Glitter Explosion!
 Pounce the sponge dauber where you want the darker colors on the peacock, just don't cover up all the Sky blue.  
 This is after I sponged some Pacifica blue onto the stamp as well.
 BEFORE YOU STAMP:  you will need to "huff" on the stamp to remoisten the ink-just breathe out onto the stamp to do this.  Then stamp, making sure you press firmly (see my fingers in the center of the block?) and do not rock the block back and forth!  This does not help!  Firm pressure straight down is what you need.
And voila!  A gorgeous variegated peacock!  Cut him out, pop him up on some foam tape, and add to your project!

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