Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What can you do with a Level 1 kit and a Board Book?

Why, make a SUPER CUTE BOARD BOOK of course!!  I made this board book using a Magnifique Level 1 kit and some Level 1 My Stickease and it took me maybe half an hour.  I cut the ENTIRE Level 1 kit into quarters--each page was cut down into 6x6 squares.  That was it!  Some of the 6x6 pieces I will cut down further for photo mats, like the bamboo 5x5 square here on the front of the book.  Once I put photos onto my book I will take more photos and post them as well.

This project is amazingly cost effective too!  The board book costs only $6.95, and the Magnifique Level 1 kit is $9.95 (all level 1 kits are $9.95).  Level 1 kits all come with TWO sheets of coordinating My Stickease, so there is nothing else to buy!  And, actually, you can purchase TWO board books and ONE level 1 kit and get both books done with one level 1 kit!

Of course, stamping on a My Creations product is super easy to do.  They all come in white chipboard that is very easy to stamp on-no special ink required.  I also plan to ink the edges of this book once I am finished, which will give the book a more finished look.  Give it a try TODAY!

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