Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Tree

Here's our 2010 Christmas Tree!  Can you tell how humongous it is?  It's taller than the star up on the wall, it reaches higher than the ceiling fan, and it was really hard to decorate the upper reaches!  The kids and I got the ornaments on, while Ronnie did the lights himself on Sunday when we were all out of the house.  We love spindly, uneven, tall, and skinny trees with strong branches.  We got this one from an old tree farm in New Gretna-there aren't many trees left on the farm but last year's tree was super awesome and so we went back this year.  The kids really like going to a farm as opposed to a roadside stand.  Those trees are always too short, too fat, too bushy, and too soft for us.

Remember Christmas Vacation, the Chevy Chase movie?  Their tree?  It felt darn close trying to bring this one in!  We were a little worried there might be some critters living in it, but nope, we were in the clear!

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