Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"I'm too busy!"

Is this YOU?

Most women I meet are moms, and most are busy.  Very, very, VERY busy.  This kid here, that kid there, appointments to remember and games to watch and food to buy, cook, eat, and clean up after, laundry to do, work to do, on and on and on.

Most women, when I ask them if they would like to become a Close to My Heart consultant, say the same thing:  "I'd love to, and I think about it all the time, but I'm too busy right now. Maybe when things slow down."

Most women never get to slow down.  The schedule continues and increases and we are just built to hang on for dear life on this wild ride called Parenting.

Most women need a break.  Most women need time for themselves, and won't do it unless "forced" to.

What better way to "force" yourself to slow down than have your own scrapbooking business?  Get some friends together, scrapbook all those memories you're so busy making, and RELAX???  Your friends would be happy to shop with YOU, as opposed to going to the store one more time, and you will meet your (quite reasonable) sales quota.  

Time to slow down?  Who has time for that???  Instead, just give yourself permission to do THIS .


Gina Brandstetter said...

I joined CTMH in 2006 because I thought it would force me do a little more scrapbooking in my busy life. Plus it would fund my little hobby.

Now I tell people I do this for ME! I love it! My only regreat.... I wish I had joined sooner!

Jennifer said...

Love that Gina!!!