Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Studio J, all Natey!

More than anyone else, Natey loves to look at our scrapbooks.  He especially loves to look at his layouts, of course!  At the ripe old age of four, he noticed that his sister had an overflowing album of layouts just of her, while his book was much thinner.  He likes the layouts of the two of them together, of which there are a few books, but he actually asked how come there were not more pages of just him.  Broke my heart, it did.  So I have been making a huge effort to scrap many more pages of JUST Natey to plump up his books, even though so many of my photos are of the two of them doing activities or holidays together.  So while some of these photos are older ones, they are of just my boy.

 You Rock paper
 Tinkerin' paper
 Boo!  (Studio J exclusive kit, yes, it's Halloween themed)
 Game On paper
Animal Cookies paper

With Studio J, it is amazingly easy to customize a paper pack to suit your needs.  Take the A Lesson On Brushing layout.  That paper pack is Halloween themed, but I wanted to use the oranges in the kit because of Nate's shirt.  I used the tools in Studio J to tint certain pages different colors than they would actually in the kit.  I changed some of the papers to gray to make the oranges pop, and took out all the Halloween elements.  I did use the letter Stickease that comes in the kit, because it was not overwhelmingly Halloween-ish.  You should really try it, especially since it's FREE until you decide to purchase a layout!

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