Thursday, March 31, 2011

Check out Studio J for yourself!

Have you ever wondered what Studio J is all about?  Click on the video above made by our fantastic corporate staff to see exactly how easy it is to use.

There is a page above that shares some details about how great a Studio J membership is, and I highly recommend that you try Studio J first before buying a membership.  The BEST part of Studio J is it is 100% FREE to try, create with, and experiment!  When you decide you love it as much as I do, then you can purchase your layouts either by .jpg files to print on your own, or have CTMH print them for you (I recommend you have CTMH print them....they're processed, not printed, and are extremely high quality).  

CTMH has been offering special campaigns JUST for Studio J members, in addition to the already awesome benefits of getting free shipping and free page protectors!  In April when you purchase 10+ Studio J layouts as a member, then you get extra bling in your box!  Who doesn't love some bling??  Members save 50% off every layout too, so it's a great deal!  Email me if you have any questions!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Wonderful Crop!

Yesterday I spent the day in the Stafford Community Center vending at the PBA Toys for Tots Crop!  It was such a FUN day!  It started out a little rough, with me 1--spilling my container of card stock all over the parking lot, 2--whacking my head on the back door of my van when I stood up from picking up said card stock, and 3--forgetting my class sample at home.  Sigh!  Thankfully I don't live too far away and once I set up my table I drove home to get my sample and two more tables for the vendors to use.

My class yesterday was a Flower Pot Class, it was awesome!  We made 7 kinds of paper flowers to put in our flower pot.

A shabby rose or carnation

A spiral rose


I'm not sure of the exact name of this one, but it could be a daffodil

Paper rosette

Spiky flower-like a daisy

Folded scalloped circles

Each flower could be adhered to a cookie/lollypop stick and stuck into the flower pot for decoration, as I did here.  Or you could just adhere the flowers to your pages if you want.  I plan on keeping mine in the flower pot for SPring decoration--but I am going to paint my flower pot first!  I ran out of time to do that on Friday (yes, the Friday before the crop, I am a last minute kind of girl).  

All these paper flowers have been everywhere lately but I got the idea for the class from another consultant on our corporate bulletin boards!  Her idea for the class included a picket fence garden made out of paper, but I thought that would take too long at the crop.  The six ladies who attended my class really loved the flowers and we sure laughed an awful lot!  We used the Sophia paper pack for the flowers.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hope for Japan

Do you feel as helpless as I do with the disasters in Japan?  Watching the incredible videos, I wonder and pray that the people somehow survive this horrible time.  It's hard in this day and age to know which organizations to trust with your efforts at sending the Japanese people help.  I want to help but don't know exactly how to go about doing that.

Close to My Heart has stepped up and made it easy for me, and for you, to send some much needed help to Japan.  Ordinarily A size stamp sets are $7.95, which is a great deal always.  From NOW until April 30th, CTMH is offering this Hope for Japan stamp set at $5.00, with 100% of the monies going to the relief efforts in Japan.  It's comforting to know that I can help in this small way and trust that the money I spend will go to where it's needed most.

By the way, CTMH consultants will not receive commissions on this stamp set:  it was designed solely to benefit the people of Japan.  You can find this stamp set HERE on my website, and there is no limit to how many you can purchase and they will not run out of this stamp set.  CTMH manufactures all of their stamp sets on site, so they can adjust the supply as needed.

Thank you for joining me in our efforts to help the people of Japan.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My other Passion

This week was perfect for the beach.  My parents took me over on Tuesday for some sea glass hunting, and my dad took me over on Friday for my birthday.  This container is from THIS week!  Browns are the very common and are on the bottom--it's pretty rare to get an unusual brown, as they are mostly beer bottles.  Occasionally we find a cool bottle that might have once held medicine or some other elixir!

Next I layered my greens--this week was FULL of greens!  Also very common, most greens are beer bottles too.  Sometimes you find a big piece of green and it's really dark because it was once a wine bottle.  

Then comes clear--hands down the most common to find.  Many pieces of bottles from all types of things.  Sometimes we find a complete bottle, which is exciting, and this week we found two bottle necks--one with the cork still in there and one that was pretty old with shells stuck inside.  Very fun!

Then the top layer is the treasures.  Aquamarine blue (pretty common, more so than you would think), cobalt blue (somewhat harder to find and very exciting when you do!), and anythink else that is cool.

My biggest treasure this week was a piece of TEAL.  I have never found teal before and it is very rare to find.  Here it is:
The piece on the right is aquamarine blue-very pale.  The piece on the left is the teal piece.  Not blue, not green.  So excited about that piece!!

Lots of people ask me what I do with all my sea glass....

I wash it off, and put it into glass containers.

Hee hee!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally, some NEW artwork!

I must share this layout with you:
See that large light pink square on the left side?  See the purplish splotches?  That's wine.  When my club ladies bring wine, they get crazy and spill WINE all over the table!  This was February's layout with Sweetheart papers and the February Stamp of the Month.  I hung it up so the ladies can see their handiwork this month!

This month, we are creating with Bliss, and my layout is upstairs and I'm too tired to go get it.  So instead, I will post NEXT MONTH's layout, using Miracle papers and the fabulous new Kraft color-ready borders:

We're making pinwheels, using wooden buttons as well as canvas buttons, and the color ready borders (along the top of the striped paper).

And this layout featuring Nate is with the new papers Lucky, which may replace Emporium as my all time favorite paper pack!  Sorry for the glare and that it's not side by side-it's hanging in my dining room for all to see.  This layout comes with the Lucky Workshop on the Go kit, and the embellishments are all themed to go with Lucky as well.  Go HERE to shop now for this great boy kit!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sick this week...

I actually have a lot of artwork to share, but we were hit hard this week in my house with sinus infections and general malaise.  So hopefully I will be able to take photos of the artwork soon and post them.  

Next week is my NO RULES Scrapbooking Club--so I better be well by then!  It's also my birthday next week, on a Club night, so I am splurging for my ladies and we're having some ice cream cake with our Bliss Layout!  It's going to be great!  Let me know if you want to come--check out the details on the tab above where it says No Rules Scrapbooking Club.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why I love Close to My Heart's Clear Acrylic Blocks

This month's CTMH Campaign is awesome!  With every $25 in My Acrylix Stamps you will receive a FREE block (3x3 or 2x6.5 size).  I adore our clear stamps.  I have tried every brand out there, and nothing, I MEAN NOTHING, compares to our stamps!

Part of what makes our stamps so amazing are the blocks.  Thick, completely clear, with grips for your fingers, and a handy line to make sure your image is straight, they are the best in the industry.

Our blocks are high quality, and are meant to last you forever.  They are easy to store, easy to clean, and easy to stamp a perfect image every time!  You can also purchase our Block Buddy stickers to place on the blocks if you prefer to have guidelines on your blocks (I think it's great that YOU can choose if you want these guidelines or not, some blocks already have these guides on them and I don't like them).

Our blocks also have etched into their surfaces the size of the block, making it super easy to find the size you need each time!

Buy some stamps and get your blocks for free!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NEW March Campaign!! Free Blocks!

This month when you spend $25 on stamp sets, you will be able to choose a FREE CTMH block!!!  Choose from our two most popular sizes:  3x3 or 2x6.5.  Our blocks are the best!  Superbly made, these blocks allow you to stamp beautiful images every time.  If you've been using those cheap blocks from the big box stores and are frustrated with stamping, those blocks are why you're having trouble.  This month, every $25 in stamp orders earns you a free block!  So if you are in love with two or three stamp sets, use this special as your way to get some blocks as well!!!