Sunday, March 20, 2011

My other Passion

This week was perfect for the beach.  My parents took me over on Tuesday for some sea glass hunting, and my dad took me over on Friday for my birthday.  This container is from THIS week!  Browns are the very common and are on the bottom--it's pretty rare to get an unusual brown, as they are mostly beer bottles.  Occasionally we find a cool bottle that might have once held medicine or some other elixir!

Next I layered my greens--this week was FULL of greens!  Also very common, most greens are beer bottles too.  Sometimes you find a big piece of green and it's really dark because it was once a wine bottle.  

Then comes clear--hands down the most common to find.  Many pieces of bottles from all types of things.  Sometimes we find a complete bottle, which is exciting, and this week we found two bottle necks--one with the cork still in there and one that was pretty old with shells stuck inside.  Very fun!

Then the top layer is the treasures.  Aquamarine blue (pretty common, more so than you would think), cobalt blue (somewhat harder to find and very exciting when you do!), and anythink else that is cool.

My biggest treasure this week was a piece of TEAL.  I have never found teal before and it is very rare to find.  Here it is:
The piece on the right is aquamarine blue-very pale.  The piece on the left is the teal piece.  Not blue, not green.  So excited about that piece!!

Lots of people ask me what I do with all my sea glass....

I wash it off, and put it into glass containers.

Hee hee!


Coffee Please!?! said...

hey there - what coolness - what beach are you finding these on??? (i may have to beat you to it one morning!) Lol - hope all is well!

Patty said...

What a fun collection and nice to have as a reminder of a special time. I spent New Year's Day this year at the beach with my very young niece and nephews helping me collect rocks. I may take a 2nd look at Sea Glass next time. In fact I bought a pair of sea glass earrings in Juneau last summer, so it should have already occured to me to start picking this stuff up at the beach. I laugh now at all the times I've told the kids "no, that's just glass"!