Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Wonderful Crop!

Yesterday I spent the day in the Stafford Community Center vending at the PBA Toys for Tots Crop!  It was such a FUN day!  It started out a little rough, with me 1--spilling my container of card stock all over the parking lot, 2--whacking my head on the back door of my van when I stood up from picking up said card stock, and 3--forgetting my class sample at home.  Sigh!  Thankfully I don't live too far away and once I set up my table I drove home to get my sample and two more tables for the vendors to use.

My class yesterday was a Flower Pot Class, it was awesome!  We made 7 kinds of paper flowers to put in our flower pot.

A shabby rose or carnation

A spiral rose


I'm not sure of the exact name of this one, but it could be a daffodil

Paper rosette

Spiky flower-like a daisy

Folded scalloped circles

Each flower could be adhered to a cookie/lollypop stick and stuck into the flower pot for decoration, as I did here.  Or you could just adhere the flowers to your pages if you want.  I plan on keeping mine in the flower pot for SPring decoration--but I am going to paint my flower pot first!  I ran out of time to do that on Friday (yes, the Friday before the crop, I am a last minute kind of girl).  

All these paper flowers have been everywhere lately but I got the idea for the class from another consultant on our corporate bulletin boards!  Her idea for the class included a picket fence garden made out of paper, but I thought that would take too long at the crop.  The six ladies who attended my class really loved the flowers and we sure laughed an awful lot!  We used the Sophia paper pack for the flowers.

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