Saturday, April 30, 2011

A closer look at Chairs to You!!

So many cute possibilities with this set!  Fancy chairs, plain chairs, comfy chairs, princess chairs--chairs are a hot trend right now and you have tons of options with these!  If you love paper piecing, try stamping the overstuffed chair onto patterned paper, adding a paper ruffle, adding some brads for those tuft buttons, and it looks totally realistic!  

Remember, stamps of the month (SOTM) sets are available ONLY in their month, in this case May, and you can earn them for FREE or at a discount!  Simply pop on over to my website to do some shopping and add this one into your cart--starting May 1!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Only TWO more days until you can join CTMH for half price!

So excited!  All new consultants in May will receive the beautiful You & Me kit for free as well as paying only HALF PRICE for the whole consultant kit!  I am sending out lots of details in a special May newsletter on May 1st, are you on my mailing list??  Better sign up right now!  Click on the link to the right!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maggie's first bike accident, 7th birthday, and Easter

Maggie took a nasty spill on her two-wheeler which resulted in a swollen face, black eye, and terrible bruising.  Bless her heart, she got right back on her bike.

Maggie invited her two besties Claudia and Lili over for a Princess Party to celebrate turing 7.

Auntie Alex curled her hair for her real birthday party.

We dyed SIXTY eggs this year and it went very well--I had two sets of colors for them so there was no fighting over who had which color.

Natey was stoked by his Easter Bucket!

Maggie immediately ate some of her candy!

On the run--Natey would find an egg and yell HAHA!  Then run right by five or six more eggs to find another.  It was all about running, not gathering all the eggs in one spot before moving on.

Maggie is also on the run--see where her cheek looks dirty?  That's the remnants of her bruise.

Friday, April 22, 2011

BEACH album class coming soon!

I got the albums in today!  HOORAY!!  So I just have to get the Mudd Puddles from my pal Colleen who ordered them for me, and I'll pick a date and send it out to you.  This is much easier than it looks, and we can get everything done at the class.  The Mudd Puddles dries to the touch in about an hour, and is totally dry within 24 hours, so we'd do that first and work on the rest of the book.  Then we can attach the letters to the pages and you can take it home to completely dry.  It'll be AWESOME!

I plan on offering Miracle with this class, although if you want another paper pack (current only-Sophia, Mayberry, etc.) then please let me know.  I will be cutting all the paper for this class as well.  If you are not on my mailing list and would like to be, please click the link on the right to sign up!  That way you'll get my emails and will know right away when a class has been scheduled.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thinking of opening your own scrapbook store??

I know.  It's so much fun to think about, right?  All those papers, embellishments, tools, and more all at your fingertips anytime you want them!  Plus killer discounts because you're buying wholesale!  Let's open a store!  Oh, on a space, buying displays, utilities and overhead and tax ID numbers and credit card fees and buy a cash register and advertising and....ouch!  I just got a cramp in my head thinking about it all!!

So, how else can you get most of the benefits of owning your own scrapbook store WITHOUT all the headaches of actually having one?


First off, our consultant kit is always a great deal:  $129 for everything you need to craft your little heart out or start sharing with everyone you know how fabulous our products are.  BUT, in May, National Scrapbooking Month, our consultant kit is HALF OFF!!!!  That's right, you will only pay $64.50 for the kit!  Over $300 in products for only $64.50 PLUS another kit added in there, the You & Me kit, a $34.95 value!!  So, according to my math, that's over $350 in products for just $64.50.  If I saw that in a store, I'd throw it in my cart and run for the check out!

I will be reminding you of this amazing offer as it gets closer, because you don't want to miss this!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You can now buy this class RIGHT HERE!!

To purchase the Miracle Cube Class right now, simply click the button.  You will choose whether to pick up your kit here at my house or to have me mail it to you.  This payment is done through paypal!  Thank you!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Miracle My Creations Cube CLASS

Here it is!!

FRIDAY, APRIL 29TH AT 7 PM--My house in Tuckerton

I have enough kits ON HAND for TEN people right now.  I can also order additional materials if there is enough interest. 

CLASS COST:  $13.00 AND INCLUDES:  cube, Miracle paper, Miracle Irresistables, and sponge.  I will provide inks and stamps (there is minimal stamping--I stamped stitches on each face of the cube).  You will need to bring:  adhesive, foam tape or similar, Liquid Glass or similar, Finishing Files or similar, and scissors. 

This is such as easy project that I am also offering it BY MAIL!  ALL paper will be cut and stamped for you, and I will put it in a Priority Mail box and ship it right to you.  COST for by mail kit:  $19.00.  You will need ink on hand to color the chipboard shapes on your own.  Please email me if you are interested in attending the class or ordering your own kit!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

NEW classes are COMING SOON!!

I am in the middle of planning some great new classes!! Please check out the Upcoming Workshops/Classes tab to see some info--more coming SOON!  I promise!  My supplies ought to be here tomorrow so I can make the samples, and tonight I am working on the Beach Album to show you.

Monday, April 4, 2011

More photos from my trip to Navarre, Florida!

Lunch at Peg Leg Pete's with Tonya and Katy--Marie and Connie were there too!

Pensacola Beach water tower

Getting my feet wet-wishing I had worn my bathing suit!

Piggies in the sand--It was a Flip Flop weekend!

Fishing Pier at Pensacola Beach

This was a fun part of our trip:  Tina (our team leader and organizer of this event) had told us she would be super busy all day Friday and to please not try to visit her at the convention center so she could get everything done.  We certainly didn't want to stress her out, so instead we went to her house and took pictures of ourselves all over her front yard!  Believe me, this is really funny when you're working on only a couple hours sleep and have been traveling for 6+ hours!  The best part was there was a maid service at the house at the time, and we thought maybe the service would call Tina and say there was a bunch of crazy women in pink shirts taking pictures all over her front lawn!

I have arrived and am ready for some beach!


Silly fun at Walmart--apparently I am now a Florida Cracker!

Navarre Beach!  Gorgeous!

Sandy Hearts!

Flip Flop University!

Me teaching my class!  I was trying not to look at Tonya who was taking my picture for me-a smile would've been nice, huh?  I am holding a My Creations Cube, that was my project to teach.  My kids were really excited that Mommy had to wear a microphone like a superstar! LOL!  My giant button there (on my right shoulder) is from Tina, who gave the top ten point earners on her team (that were present) a button to help us earn the Hawaiian Cruise!  We are supposed to wear it at all our events to remind ourselves what we are working for.  I still need LOTS of points and any order helps!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back from Florida!

Just got back from Navarre, Florida!  I flew down for the weekend to attend my national team's Leadershare Event.  It was a wonderful weekend, full of laughs and learning and I even got to teach all my teammates!  As soon as we got picked up from the airport (thanks to Connie and Marie!!) we visited Pensacola Beach.  I went right into the water and would have gone swimming if we had had time!  Although the water was a bit chilly, it was just like here at home on LBI so I was ready to hop in.  

My favorite part??  I sent my parents and my husband pictures of this from my cell phone.  My dad wrote back "wow", my husband wrote back "cool", and my mom wrote back "hate u!".  Hmmm, maybe you should've come with me, Mom!!!