Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maggie's first bike accident, 7th birthday, and Easter

Maggie took a nasty spill on her two-wheeler which resulted in a swollen face, black eye, and terrible bruising.  Bless her heart, she got right back on her bike.

Maggie invited her two besties Claudia and Lili over for a Princess Party to celebrate turing 7.

Auntie Alex curled her hair for her real birthday party.

We dyed SIXTY eggs this year and it went very well--I had two sets of colors for them so there was no fighting over who had which color.

Natey was stoked by his Easter Bucket!

Maggie immediately ate some of her candy!

On the run--Natey would find an egg and yell HAHA!  Then run right by five or six more eggs to find another.  It was all about running, not gathering all the eggs in one spot before moving on.

Maggie is also on the run--see where her cheek looks dirty?  That's the remnants of her bruise.

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