Sunday, April 10, 2011

Miracle My Creations Cube CLASS

Here it is!!

FRIDAY, APRIL 29TH AT 7 PM--My house in Tuckerton

I have enough kits ON HAND for TEN people right now.  I can also order additional materials if there is enough interest. 

CLASS COST:  $13.00 AND INCLUDES:  cube, Miracle paper, Miracle Irresistables, and sponge.  I will provide inks and stamps (there is minimal stamping--I stamped stitches on each face of the cube).  You will need to bring:  adhesive, foam tape or similar, Liquid Glass or similar, Finishing Files or similar, and scissors. 

This is such as easy project that I am also offering it BY MAIL!  ALL paper will be cut and stamped for you, and I will put it in a Priority Mail box and ship it right to you.  COST for by mail kit:  $19.00.  You will need ink on hand to color the chipboard shapes on your own.  Please email me if you are interested in attending the class or ordering your own kit!

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