Monday, May 23, 2011

Another NEW consultant on my team: WELCOME COLLEEN!!!!

I am so darn excited!  I just got an email from Close to My Heart that I have a new downline, and to my surprise, it is a lady named Colleen....who at one time was MY UPLINE!  Colleen is a wonderful person, inside and out, and inspired me in so many ways.  She is an extremely busy mom of THREE boys, wife, teacher, and is also back at school for her school counselor degree.  At one point CTMH sort of fell off her radar, and she dropped out of the company.  Once this months deal came along, she couldn't resist the HALF PRICE KIT and joined us once again!  SO happy to have you, Colleen!  HUGS!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NJ Scrapbook Expo May 20 and May 21

Tomorrow I will be setting up the Close to My Heart booth at the Scrapbook Expo in Somerset NJ!  Always a great event, we'll start Friday morning and go through to Saturday evening!  You'll want to check out the complete schedule at .  We'll have Create & Take classes all day both days, as well as demos right in the booth.  If you decide to go, please stop by our booth and say HELLO!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The curse of being Supremely Optimistic....

So I had a workshop/party today in Spotswood, NJ.  Not really far away but far enough, about 1.5 hours.  I knew that I could get there quickly and easily but...wrench in the plans:  The NJ Parkway was closed for a few exits going north right after I get on.  I have a GPS, no problem!  I looked on Mapquest (I'm not entirely faithful to my GPS) and saw how I would get there.  Easy!

My GPS wants me to take Route 9, the slowest of all roads in the whole state of NJ if you need to get anywhere on any type of schedule.  So I went an alternate route.  REALLY alternate.  It went well for about an hour, then suddenly I was in the middle of NOWHERE.  One lane country highway.  Fields of produce swaying in the breeze.  Horses.  Preserved farmland...are you getting the picture?  No one was around.  Because I had consistently ignored my GPS until I got to this point, it clearly had some angst with me.  Because suddenly I was told to turn left....into a grove of trees!  Keep going, I said optimistically!  It'll straighten itself out!  Turn left...onto a road.  Okay, I said, this will get me there!  Suddenly, I see this:

Did I stop???  Heck no!  Again, ever the optimist, I thought, this will just take me back around to where I first turned back there, just keep going!  And they meant it when they said pavement ends...some of those potholes nearly swallowed my car!

Did I get back to where I started?  Well.....first I drove through all sorts of fields where people were shooting skeet (not sure if that's the right terminology, but I didn't stop to ask).  Then I drove along a river or lake on an even MORE unpaved road that ended in an enormous pothole filled with water.  The best part was when I turned around to follow my breadcrumbs back out of this mess was the GPS lady telling me to "turn around when possible"!!!  

I did get to the party...after I got a ticket....don't ask.....and we had a great time.  Lesson learned when driving in my optimistic way:  BRING A MAP!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Welcome to My New Team Member: Julie!!!!

My friend Julie just joined Close to My Heart TODAY!!!  She has been a consultant previously, but was waiting for just the right incentive to join up again...and the HALF PRICE consultant kit was just what she was hoping for!  What surprised her was when she chose her kit, she was able to choose THREE mini kits before she paid a dime extra:  Our kit is personalized for you.  So, she gets not only the business essentials that she will need, but she got to choose THREE collections, all for $64.50!!  Click on the Join CTMH tab above to see all the collections that YOU can choose from if you decide to join CTMH as well.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NEW: You can purchase kits on the Upcoming Workshops/Classes Tab

I still have some Miracle Cube Class kits available, so I moved the Buy Now button over to the Upcoming Workshops/Classes tab (see above) where it will stay until all kits are gone.  Here's a photo of it again: