Sunday, July 10, 2011

No Disneyland for me this year...

  Right now, hundreds of Close to My Heart consultants from all over the United States and Canada are getting ready to travel to Disneyland in California!  I, sadly, am not one of them.

I had plans to go to convention in Disneyland this year, as I made the last two conventions (2010 in DC and 2008 in Orlando, Florida).  I made my reservations in the hotel, had roommates, booked my flights and even knew which airports I preferred to connect into to make my flight easier.  I bought my convention tickets, made plans for the kids, and was SO incredibly excited!  I found out how easily it would be to get to the beach in California so I could put my toes in the Pacific and was super excited about that.

Right now is not a good time for me to be away from my kids for nearly a week.  So I had to undo all my plans for convention and find, somewhere, a silver lining.

And being an optimistic person, I did find that lining.  HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and am going to see the last installment this Thursday, in 3D, in the IMAX Theater in Atlantic City.  So while it is not convention with all my CTMH pals, I will get to see Harry save the Wizarding World.  At least there's that!

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