Thursday, September 15, 2011

MyCTMH website CLEARANCE SALE!!!!!!!

Hurry hurry hurry!!!  There is a website sale going on and there are some awesome deals to be found!  Simply click THIS LINK and you'll be whisked away to my website where you can find 3-ring binders for $2, Kraft Color Ready Borders for $5.50, and oodles of other great retired products.  Check it out but move fast--many of these items were hot when they were current and they'll be gone in no time!!

 The 3-ring binder--so super cute!  You can make this into your own Smash Book, alter it any way you like, make a recipe book, and so many more possibilities!  Perfect for gifts too!
Ahhh, Kraft Color Ready Borders!  One of my most favorite products, and the manufacturer stopped making them, leaving us in the lurch.  They are not in the current catalog but there must have been some in the warehouse and now YOU can snatch them up for $5.50 a pack!  One pack goes a long way too!!! 

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