Sunday, October 16, 2011

Close to My Heart Consultant Kit BONUS this month!

Just a reminder, if you have been looking for something just for YOU, a way to earn extra money each month, or a discount on fabulous high-quality products, this is the month to join Close to My Heart!

Every new consultant gets an opportunity to purchase extra add on kits, if they choose, at sign-up.  Each of these kits are $40, but are worth so much more.  For October only, new consultants can choose one of these add-on kits for FREE!

Below is the Roxie Add On kit--love those stamp sets!  And, by the way, I have been watching the AMC series Mad Men recently, and in the first season there is a scene in a restaurant where the wallpaper looks exactly like the zebra print in the Roxie pack!  I was cracking up!
 Here is the Elemental Add-On kit, so versatile and perfect for just about any occasion!    Those tags are everywhere--even in scrapbooking magazines. 
 And finally, Studio J.  If you have not tried this free online software program, you are missing a HUGE tool to get caught up on your albums.  The number one complaint I hear from my friends and customers is "I am SO behind on all my books".  Generally, many scrappers work in order of their pictures.  So the book they may be working on may be from 1, 2 even 5 or 10 years ago.  That means all their most recent photos are sitting and waiting for a VERY long time before getting their turn.  Now, I would agree that to scan in old photos to use in Studio J would take a long time, may be expensive, and just not for everyone.  But, imagine this:  you are working on your son's 5th birthday photos (he is now 23!).  You have a stack of photos you'd love to work on from his recent college graduation, but obviously, you can't scrap them because you are working on his 5th year album!  WHAT continued to work on the old stuff WHILE you use Studio J to scrap the new stuff???  It doesn't mean you have to convert to digital!!!  So many of us love to get inky and glittery and all that!  It just is a TOOL to use how you want to use it!  Not a replacement!  Just an additional way to get your pages done.

Below are some of my Studio J layouts--with a membership, I can order JUST JPEG files of my layouts and print them elsewhere, or order the layout printed by CTMH and get the JPEG for free.  Would you know just by looking at these that they are digital...if I didn't tell you?  And, by the way, these were some of my first layouts done with Studio J...I know so much more about the program now and there are so many more choices!  TRY IT FOR FREE!!!! and click on Studio J.  FREE!

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