Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dreamin', a beautiful Fall kit!

 The featured layout with Dreamin'--paper ribbon, bronze Glitz Glitter Gel, and some Art Philosophy shapes of course!
 Close up of the paper ribbon...stamped a pattern with goldrush ink on the goldrush paper, then folded one piece into pleats.  Looks really good in person!
 Two Art Philosophy shapes layered to make the flower, accented with Glitter, and I stamped the branches behind it.  I popped up the flower with 3-D Foam Tape (my favorite!) and tucked some of the paper ribbon behind it too.
 The second layout---spray inked the bases with chocolate re-inker and water.  In the photo the paper looks really wrinkled, but it isn' spritzer pen sprayed in arcs because there was a bit of gunk on the sprayer part, so it made funny arcs when I sprayed.  Also, that long brown piece on the top left page is supposed to be on the top of the right page--I accidentally switched the pieces but I had already glued the 12 inch long piece and I didn't want to wreck the base page.  Oh well!
 These paper flowers are from the Art Philosophy cartridge, of course, one Pacifica, one Goldrush, one Honey.  I twirled them into shape, then put them under a 4 x 4 acrylic block and squashed the heck out of it.  Then I glued it with Liquid Glass, sponged it with chocolate ink, and rubbed some Glitte Gel over it too.  These flowers are really tight--I should have loosened them up more before I squashed them.  The leaves are also from the AP cartridge, stamped, glittered, or spritzed!
 This is the third layout we'll be making.  It's based on a layout that Corporate gave to consultants at the Leadershare Event recently (I didn't go, but have seen pictures).  For club we will make the scalloped square even bigger, I think ti will look better larger.  Or make it rectangular.  I added another piece of the orangey B&T patterned paper on the left, and then photo mats in Pacifica.  The bases here are also spray inked--but you can see it's much lighter on this layout than the second one. 
 Same leaves as the second layout--layered and tied with natural hemp.  I had some wooden buttons at hand and used on of those too.
This flower is the same as the ones on the second layout, but this one is looser and I think it looks better.  I inked this one too, put some leaves under it, and then separated all the strands of a piece of hemp at either end, but left it twisted in the center.  Then I folded it in half, stuck a glue dot under the twisted part and tucked it under the flower.  There is also a Mocha Pearl inside the center of the flower.  I like it!  I am working on my clustering skills--I love how clusters look on pages but I don't always get it to come out right.

If you'd like to join me for these layouts in November, simply click on the PayPal links on the left side of my blog and buy your kit!  I cut all the Art Philosophy shapes for you so you don't dip into your full sheets of card stock...and you'll get extra sheets of card stock for bases. 

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