Friday, December 16, 2011

One Little Word...

I don't really follow along with the One Little Word project that Ali Edwards does...but I do usually think of a word and think about it a little bit at the end of each year.  This year I have some ideas of words that could define the next year of my life....







At this time I have too many choices and I know I have to pick one...any thoughts?  Are you doing OLW?  What is your word for 2012?  I have had many changes over 2011...and I am continuing to make more changes every day.  Even little things, like where the trash can is in the kitchen, are changes I am making because it makes me happy to change things that have bothered me for a long while.  More changes I plan on making include more purging of unnecessary junk that is clogging up my home, some personal changes....and more.  I actually like change, it energizes me and gets me going.  I have been in the grip of stress and anxiety for much of 2011, and going through a divorce that I had hoped would be amicable and as stress-free as I could make it be.  But it was not to be and so it has been extremely tiring to go through the process, as well as causing much anxiety.  I don't share a ton of super personal information here, but divorce is something that is consuming my life right now and maybe that would help explain a lack of artwork here on my blog.  When I am anxious, I have a hard time creating.  So days where I feel good, I do other stuff like clean up the house!  There's not been much time for creating where I actually felt like creating. So hopefully in 2012 when things are more settled, I will be able to create much much more than I could this year. 

Please leave me a comment and share your One Little Word, and what you plan on doing with it for 2012!!!

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