Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"I love my job!!"

If you know anyone who sells products for a Direct Sales company (Avon, Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, Close to My Heart...) you have probably heard that line..."I LOVE MY JOB!!"

You want to know the dirty little secret ALL of us direct sellers have??


Here's why, and this is the honest truth:  I really do choose when and how much I work--of course, the more I work, the more I make.  I really do most of my work at home--I update my blog, research layouts for class ideas, cut paper and make class kits, and keep up with my team members.  When I go out to work it's a party-we eat snacks, we make cards or layouts, we laugh and tell stories, it's fun!  For example, this weekend I am vending at a weekend crop--fancy hotel, fancy buffets three times a day, scrapping all day...seriously, does that even SOUND like work???  Well, it's my work, and I LOVE IT!

Think of your own life...are you a pretty regular scrapbooker or card maker?  Do you have a circle of friends who share your passion?  Then you are perfect for direct sales, and perfect for Close to My Heart!!

If you ever watch The Shark Tank, you see many entrepreneurs trying to sell their ideas to the Sharks--the people with money.  Most, if not all, direct sales companies were started by entrepreneurs--and direct sales is the OLDEST and MOST RESPECTED business model!  Direct sales IS NOT pyramid scheming, it is NOT a Ponzi scheme, it is NOT a SCHEME at all!  It is A BUSINESS MODEL.  I am paid by Close to My Heart, NOT my team members who signed up under me.  I do not pay anyone above me or below me or next to me or anywhere else.  No one pays me except Close to My Heart--and they pay me to get their products out there in the best way possible--by showing people how to use them.

Do you like paying LOTS of money in taxes??  Then for sure you don't want to join CTMH.  Having my own business helps me at tax time.  Do you like paying FULL PRICE for all your high quality scrapping supplies, or only buying the cheapest products you can find?  Again, don't join CTMH then!  Do you like going to a job you have no passion for, and being bossed by someone else?  CTMH isn't for you then!

Give it a try--our starting kit is $99, and very little commitment.  If you don't like it, don't sell it.  After a time you'll drop to Junior status, and then exit the company.  Nothing else happens.  No one calls you and pressures you to sell, no one calls you and threatens you, because after all, it's YOUR BUSINESS.

TRY IT NOW and join my team. This link takes you to my CTMH website (this is my personal blog, you have to sign up with the company on their hosted website).  CTMH handles all the paperwork, leaving me free to WELCOME YOU to my team of scrappers!

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