Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One of my favorite tools...the VERSAMAT!

So what the heck is this thing?  It is one of my favorite tools.  It's called a VERSAMAT and it is about 13"x13"...making it perfect to use for creating your layouts.  I actually have two of these side by side on my desk, one for the left page and one for the right page.  There are grid lines along all sides, so it's perfect for lining up your papers on your layouts.  The front side is self healing--making it a perfect surface for cutting.  The back side is a thick foam, sturdy but GREAT for stamping!  By now, if you come to my classes, you know that the way to a perfectly stamped image every time is to use the foam from the stamp set under your paper.  That little cushion is all you need for great images.  BUT...if you don't have the piece of foam for whatever reason, then you can flip your Versamat over and use the reverse side for stamping. 

I use this Versamat every time I create, making it one of my MOST USED tools!  Get yours here, for $14.50!

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