Sunday, February 12, 2012

Victory and Footloose Club layouts--yay!

I've gotten some of our NEW products recently and have been busy putting the club layouts together.  While I have not yet photographed my own take on the layouts, these are similar enough so you get an idea of what to expect at club in the coming months!

February Club (February 17th) features the lovely ROXIE kit:

March will feature a kit from the NEW Spring/Summer Idea Book--VICTORY!

My version:

Then I also put together the FOOTLOOSE kit...because it is AWESOME!  I also got all the beach stamps available in the new book, and there were quite a few this time, so exciting!  We won't do Footloose until summer, but I ordered it early anyway!

Also waiting for me upstairs is the Stella kit, so gorgeous as well!  I think I have Stella planned for May, I will update my clubs page with the actual months/kits match up.

And, in an order coming this week (Valentine's Day, actually!) is Pemberly and Lucy--love both of these kits too!  Pemberly may turn out to be my second favorite since it's blues and yellows, which I love!

This is Lucy--love the flower stamp set in the WOTG kit!

Pemberly!  Love the colors and the stamp sets are wonderful!

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