Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today Begins the FREE Cricut collection!!

Today's the DAY!!  Join today and get your kit as soon as possible!  Click here to go to my Sign Up page. Read through it, and take the plunge!

Quick Facts:

**$300 per quarter minimum sales (or $100 each month)
**22% starting commission--as your sales increase, your commission increases
**Overrides in sales and team members sales paid for by Close to My Heart. You never pay anyone     from your own earnings--that's CTMH's job.
**All training in online, accessible anytime, and in all areas (art, business, leadership)
**If you decide CTMH is not for you , do nothing but enjoy your kit contents and your Cricut collection. You don't need to explain to anyone, return anything, and call anyone. Just enjoy your products!

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