Monday, April 23, 2012

Studio J layouts

Florentine Kit

Superhero Kit

Cruisin' Kit

Stella Kit

Pemberley Kit
This coming Saturday I will be traveling to East Brunswick NJ for a Close to My Heart corporate event. It's called Leadershare and top leaders in the company (consultants) pair up with corporate Vice Presidents to offer business training and creative fun for the whole day! I am going up with two of my amazing team members, Carol and Betty, and we can't wait to hear all the hints of upcoming product reveals and complete some fantastic artwork too.

Part of our registration included FIVE FREE STUDIO J layouts! Corporate sent us step by step instructions to complete these 5 layouts, each one featured a different technique. Being the last minute procrastinator that I am, as these needed to be submitted by April 18th....I started  them on April 17th! I spent a day just focusing on these layouts--and generally Studio J layouts do NOT take me that long to do. But as I was following instructions and trying new techniques, it did take me a little longer.

I'm going to go through each layout to tell you what the techniques were:
1-Florentine Kit:  using text boxes to add card stock, using a single photo in multiple photo wells, layering My Stickease to form a single image, and using multiple text boxes to mix fonts

2-Superhero Kit: creating your own argyle B&T paper (I skipped this in the interests of time), customizing kit by adding different colors (also skipped since I didn't do the argyle), and rotating a page.

3-Cruisin' Kit: using quick-title tool to create a border, clustering My Stickease behind page elements, adding photo mats

4-Stella Kit: frame photo with stitching, cluster embellishments and My Stickease

5-Pemberley Kit: distressing photos with text boxes ( I skipped this), splitting My Stickease across both pages, using an embellishment to create a border.

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