Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So many happy things going on...

Hi!! I'm so sorry for not posting much artwork of my own lately--but I have been busy being HAPPY! It's been a rough year, and happiness has come into my life and I am enjoying every second!!
 Pemberley Club is next week, June 15th, at 7 pm. Each of my ladies is making these three layouts, and I was able to get them each the Pemberley My Stickease too! Love that when it works out!!

Featured layout--all those shapes will be cut out ahead of time!

Second layout-close up of that flower below

I cut this large flower out of extra B&T and then used my craft knife to cut out petals for dimension.

Third layout and it's my favorite one! Inspired by a layout I saw on Pinterest!

Also, the Expo is getting closer and closer!! I can't post a full picture of my workshop class, Footloose and Fancy Free Spray Inking, but here is a sneak peek:

You'll have to come to the Expo on June 29th and June 30th to see the whole thing!! To register for my class, please go to http://www.scrapbookexpo.com/NJ-12/Workshops.asp. Every person in my workshop gets their own full package of Footloose Compliments, a spray pen, flip flaps, and so much more!! Remember to come visit me at the booth as well!!!

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