Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Join my Close to My Heart team TOMORROW!!

This FABULOUS bag is yours FREE tomorrow when you join my team, the Sandy Hearts! The bags were our convention gifts from CTMH, and be aware that they are available FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!! So join TOMORROW, August 1st, to make sure you get one!!! CLICK HERE to go straight to the sign up page, look over your kit options, and sign up!!

Essentials Kit, just $49 (YES you get the bag with this option!!)

Master Kit, $99, includes everything in Essentials kit plus more! YES, the bag is yours with this option too!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CTMH Cricut Artiste: Pre-Order now and get FREE stuff!

Cricut Artiste

By now you have heard about Close to My Heart's NEW Cricut Cartridge: ARTISTE!! I can't wait to get my hands on this one! 700 new images, many of them 3-D, plus three exclusive stamp sets, plus three sheets of compatible chipboard shapes, PLUS a handy booklet explaining how to assemble the 3-D shapes!!!

If you just can't wait to get this cartridge as well, I have a special offer JUST from me to you! (This offer is exclusively from Jennifer Cox, CTMH INdependent Consultant and is not offered by CTMH.)

You'll need to go to Facebook and "like" my business page:  http://www.facebook.com/JenniferCoxCTMHConsultant

I can only offer this special deal to those who "like" my business page. The offer will be described there in more detail!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Workshop on the Go kits--Home Decor!

At Convention last week, Close to My Heart announced THIRTEEN new Workshop on the Go kits!! Normally we have 8, to go with each of our 8 new paper kits. But we now offer two home decor kits, which are shown in the video below, as well as a Cricut Party kit and two card workshops!! I shared this news with my club ladies last night and they asked...Are you going to offer these as workshops???? And the answer is YES OF COURSE!!! And it will be all the easier because CTMH has provided amazing instructions!!!  Check out the Scroll Album Kit and the Advent Calendar in the short video below:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Artiste: CTMH's NEW Cricut Cartridge!

As I mentioned before, Close to My Heart announced a brand new Cricut Cartridge at our convention!!! Jeanette Lynton (our founder and CEO) personally worked with ProvoCraft to design every single image on this cartridge, except for two (the square and the circle, lol!). The corporate staff shared with us how many times Provo said, "We don't do it that way, but it sure makes sense!" and then they would use Jeanette's ideas! I don't have mine yet, but have heard many wonderful things about it, naturally! One thing I can't wait to investigate is the function of ONE button--because apparently one button's images are designed to work together. So you may cut out a box that also has a lid, you would use that same button and not change the dial size. The cartridge automatically cuts the lid at the correct size. Awesome!!! This cartridge is available to customers August 1--and if it's anything like the Art Philosophy cartridge (which sold a year's worth of inventory in about 3 months) you're going to want to get ready to shop on August 1!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

CTMH introduces Alcohol Markers!!!

Many of you are fans of Copic markers--I personally never jumped on that bandwagon (I know, who knew I had such restraint???) but I am happy to announce that Close to My Heart HAS!

Previously our markers matched each of our 60 colors and were re-fillable dye ink markers. Now, CTMH has changed over to alcohol inks and each color comes in a set of TWO: the color from our palette, as well as a coordinating lighter OR darker shade.  CTMH offered them this way to really expand our available colors while still giving your complimentary colors. In the Idea Book there is a symbol next to the inks showing you if the coordinating marker is lighter or darker, too.

Although these markers are alcohol markers, they are NOT the same as Copics. Our markers are designed to be used up and replaced--not refilled. The tips of our markers are stiffer than Copics as well, but many of the techniques you learned with Copics will still apply with these markers. So much fun!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CTMH retiring Colors--Get 'Em While You Can!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Close to My Heart has taken a long hard look at our 60 colors and winnowed it down to 40 fabulous shades! This means that many colors are retiring, and I wante to post a list of them for you in case your favorite is there. You may want to stock up on re-inker, ink pads, and card stock sooner than later, because once they're gone, they're gone! Don't assume they'll make it over to the websites at discounted prices. Many consultants are going to be ordering what they can too! SHOP ONLINE TO GET THESE ITEMS!!


Holiday red
Sunny yellow
Sunkiss yellow
Key lime
Garden green
Dutch blue
Heavenly blue
Spring iris
Lilac mist
Pansy purple
Vineyard berry
Brown bag
Vanilla Cream
Baby pink
Grey flannel
Grey wool

If you own the ink pads in any of these colors, I recommend purchasing the re-inker for that ink pad, and that way you'll be able to continue using your favorite color long after it's gone! If there is a card stock color you love, I'd stock up on that too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CTMH Convention 2012 Keynote Speaker: Stacy Julian

At every convention, Close to My Heart invites someone to speak to us as our Keynote Speaker. This year we were thrilled and humbled to hear Stacy Julian speak.

Stacy is the founder of Big Picture Scrapbooking, as well as the editor of the now defunct Simple Scrapbooks Magazine, and so much more. She is a Big Deal in the scrapbooking world! She also used to be a consultant for CTMH, back when our company was called DOTS (Dozens of Terrific Stamps). That's what thrilled us so much; not only is Stacy a leader in our industry, she is also intimately familiar with OUR company, CTMH.

Stacy's message is a simple one: Be present in your life. Scrapbook your LIFE, your PEOPLE, not events. Not to use every cute little sticker that you found. Your scrapbooks should tell a story to whoever reads them. You don't have to document every EVENT with all those photos you've taken. It's okay to NOT put them in your album. But document your FEELINGS, your HOPES and DREAMS, and be PRESENT in your life as it is right now. (Yes, we were all crying!)

This message hit home with me especially because I scrapbook this way. I tell my children a story on my pages. I often write directly to them. I shared a layout with a new friend on Sunday and when she read my journaling, she said "That's what I want my scrapbooks to be like, to tell stuff like that!"
Click to enlarge and read the TODAY journaling box
I don't scrapbook in chronological order. I scrapbook what is special to me THAT DAY. What pulls at my heart THAT DAY. I love papers and stamps and stickers as much as any scrapper, but what is important to me is telling my life story on those pages. That may be why I often create layouts separately from putting pictures on them. I usually wait until I have a stack of layouts and then I go through and put my photos on and journal. Those two steps are separate in my mind. Huh, I just figured that out!! LOL!

Stacy created a video to share with us at convention, and she has posted it on her blog so we can show you too. Enjoy! And scrapbook your PEOPLE!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

NEW CTMH Color Palette

One of the coolest things at Convention this year was the introduction of SIX new colors, plus a revamping of our color palette. As you know, we have had 60 colors for a very long time, and sometimes CTMH retires colors and adds new ones to freshen the palette. Vice President Kristine W. of Marketing informed us that to completely "freshen" the palette as fast as we do now, it would take TWENTY YEARS to completely update every color!!! CRAZY!!

So instead, Close to My Heart decided to tighten up our palette and we now offer FORTY colors plus two whites (white daisy and colonial white). Some goodies were retired, but many of our most popular colors are still available!

Here are our SIX new colors: Champagne, Cashmere, Saddle, Whisper, Slate, and Ruby!  You'll notice that our basics collection got the most attention this year--with our greys updated as well as some additional browns. Don't worry, Chocolate, Cocoa, Desert Sand, and Bamboo are alive and well!!

I used Slate in several of our create and take projects (we got it for free!) and I love love love it! It has hints of green in it and it's a FABULOUS neutral! It's a great option instead of using brown to distress, which is generally my go-to color. It's fun to change it up!

Another FABULOUS announcement at Convention was the return of ALL OF OUR COLORS in single color card stock packs!!! Many customers didn't mind the change to our shade packs, but let me tell you, consultants went CRAZY!! We use a whole lot of card stock to create projects and run our clubs and workshops. When the Corporate staff announced the return of ALL colors in card stock packs, the ballroom went NUTS! YAY CTMH!!

You can freshen up your own ink palette beginning August 1, 2012 when our new Idea Book & Catalog goes live. You will see SO many new options in our book--I can't wait to share it with you!! My club ladies are getting the new book this Friday--a perk of being a club lady!  If you want to join my club, or have enough friends and want to start your own club, please contact me! I love club! Please check out the Streamlined Scrappin' Club tab up top to see how I run my clubs.

Streamlined Scrappin' Club UPDATED!!!

Please check my Streamlined Scrappin Club tab to see IMPORTANT new changes to the program!! It's going to be awesome!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

CTMH Convention 2012 in Dallas!!

I am having so much fun and learning about all of our new products and programs!!! This is a wuick update with some photos as to what is going on!

Our exclusive bag, free to all NEW consultants in August!

$49 Essentials kit, featuring Avonlea!

$99 Master kit, featuring ALL of the Essentials kit plus MORE STUFF!

 The New ARTISTE Cricut Cartridge! 700 images, so many stamp sets, AWESOME!

The cover of our NEW Idea Book! Club ladies get one NEXT WEEK!!

Me and my roommate Penny at our team meeting--we could dress up as cowgirls and Penny and I won FIRST PLACE!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Perfect Pairs: DREAMIN'!

From today, July 6th, through July 10th when you place an online order with me of $75 or more, you will get the gorgeous Dreamin' Level 2 paper pack plus a pack of Harvest Charms!

All month long the Perfect Pair freebie will change! Make sure you shop when your favorites are available!!  Shop now:  www.jennifercox.ctmh.com

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Live Out Loud with July's Stamp of the Month!

This awesome stamp set is only available in July--simply add it to your order ($50 or more) for just $5!!!

Shop online at www.jennifercox.ctmh.com.

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Constant Campaign: Perfect Pairs

Place an online order of $75 or more in July and
we’ll send you a popular paper packet and coordinating
accessory—a Perfect Pair—for free! That’s
a retail value of up to $17.90! Different Perfect
Pairs are available on different dates throughout
the month so you’ll want to place more than one
qualifying order to snatch several Perfect Pairs.
Place your order early in the availability
period, as the promotion is while supplies last!!!

Order Dates Perfect Pair Original
Retail Value
July 1–5 Mischief Paper Packet (X7144B) and Midnight Felt Shapes (Z1462) $15.90
July 6–10 Dreamin' Paper Packet (X7142B) and Harvest Charms (Z1633) $14.90
July 11–15 Fanfare Paper Packet (X7138B) and Fanfare Level 2 Assortment (Z1400) $17.90
July 16–20 Lucky Paper Packet (X7137B) and Lucky My Stickease® Assortment
(X7137C) $17.90
July 21–25 Mayberry Paper Packet (X7136B) and Mayberry My Stickease®
Assortment (X7136C) $17.90
July 26–29 Sophia Paper Packet (X7131B) and Sophia My Stickease®
Assortment (X7131C) $17.90
July 30–31
Believe Paper Packet (X7145B) and Holiday Pockets (Z1486) OR
Wonderland Paper Packet (X7146B) and Wonderland My Stickease®
Assortment (X7146C)