Friday, July 20, 2012

Artiste: CTMH's NEW Cricut Cartridge!

As I mentioned before, Close to My Heart announced a brand new Cricut Cartridge at our convention!!! Jeanette Lynton (our founder and CEO) personally worked with ProvoCraft to design every single image on this cartridge, except for two (the square and the circle, lol!). The corporate staff shared with us how many times Provo said, "We don't do it that way, but it sure makes sense!" and then they would use Jeanette's ideas! I don't have mine yet, but have heard many wonderful things about it, naturally! One thing I can't wait to investigate is the function of ONE button--because apparently one button's images are designed to work together. So you may cut out a box that also has a lid, you would use that same button and not change the dial size. The cartridge automatically cuts the lid at the correct size. Awesome!!! This cartridge is available to customers August 1--and if it's anything like the Art Philosophy cartridge (which sold a year's worth of inventory in about 3 months) you're going to want to get ready to shop on August 1!


Penny said...

I've got mine! I was surprised there was no hexagon shape on it. There are hexagonal things, but no hexagon. Anyway, IT IS AWESOME!! And if you don't have yours by the time I come visit, I'll bring it along!

Jennifer said...

YAY!!! I maybe able to order it this week! :)