Thursday, July 19, 2012

CTMH introduces Alcohol Markers!!!

Many of you are fans of Copic markers--I personally never jumped on that bandwagon (I know, who knew I had such restraint???) but I am happy to announce that Close to My Heart HAS!

Previously our markers matched each of our 60 colors and were re-fillable dye ink markers. Now, CTMH has changed over to alcohol inks and each color comes in a set of TWO: the color from our palette, as well as a coordinating lighter OR darker shade.  CTMH offered them this way to really expand our available colors while still giving your complimentary colors. In the Idea Book there is a symbol next to the inks showing you if the coordinating marker is lighter or darker, too.

Although these markers are alcohol markers, they are NOT the same as Copics. Our markers are designed to be used up and replaced--not refilled. The tips of our markers are stiffer than Copics as well, but many of the techniques you learned with Copics will still apply with these markers. So much fun!


Penny said...

Never knew the dye based markers were refillable. Really? How does one do that? I've been throwing away all the markers that have dried up over the years.

Jennifer said...

I think you can drip some re-inker in there and it may do the trick. Personally I just bought a new one instead of bothering with that!