Monday, July 16, 2012

NEW CTMH Color Palette

One of the coolest things at Convention this year was the introduction of SIX new colors, plus a revamping of our color palette. As you know, we have had 60 colors for a very long time, and sometimes CTMH retires colors and adds new ones to freshen the palette. Vice President Kristine W. of Marketing informed us that to completely "freshen" the palette as fast as we do now, it would take TWENTY YEARS to completely update every color!!! CRAZY!!

So instead, Close to My Heart decided to tighten up our palette and we now offer FORTY colors plus two whites (white daisy and colonial white). Some goodies were retired, but many of our most popular colors are still available!

Here are our SIX new colors: Champagne, Cashmere, Saddle, Whisper, Slate, and Ruby!  You'll notice that our basics collection got the most attention this year--with our greys updated as well as some additional browns. Don't worry, Chocolate, Cocoa, Desert Sand, and Bamboo are alive and well!!

I used Slate in several of our create and take projects (we got it for free!) and I love love love it! It has hints of green in it and it's a FABULOUS neutral! It's a great option instead of using brown to distress, which is generally my go-to color. It's fun to change it up!

Another FABULOUS announcement at Convention was the return of ALL OF OUR COLORS in single color card stock packs!!! Many customers didn't mind the change to our shade packs, but let me tell you, consultants went CRAZY!! We use a whole lot of card stock to create projects and run our clubs and workshops. When the Corporate staff announced the return of ALL colors in card stock packs, the ballroom went NUTS! YAY CTMH!!

You can freshen up your own ink palette beginning August 1, 2012 when our new Idea Book & Catalog goes live. You will see SO many new options in our book--I can't wait to share it with you!! My club ladies are getting the new book this Friday--a perk of being a club lady!  If you want to join my club, or have enough friends and want to start your own club, please contact me! I love club! Please check out the Streamlined Scrappin' Club tab up top to see how I run my clubs.

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