Sunday, August 5, 2012

How do you Scrap??

I belong to several scrapbooking groups on Facebook, and there have been a couple of posts going that are very curious to me. One was about scrapping your photos even if they are not the best quality (blurry shots) or if the subject isn't smiling or posing. The other was about scrapping in chronological order--or not.

So far I am in the minority for the first question and may be the LONE NON-CHRONOLOGICAL scrapper for the other! LOL!

Below are some of my layouts, some are Studio J, some are traditional, but you can see I scrap funny pictures where my kids don't look so good (my all-time favorite photo of my son is in that Oreo Layout, look at that hair!!), and many of these pages were made in the correct season, but photos didn't complete them until much later. And I jump back and forth in time--really, I scrap what strikes my fancy. No rhyme or reason--I find I get more done that way. And it also prevents me from worrying about is this book done, or "OMG I'm stuck in 2004!"  I just scrap.

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