Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do you SMASH?? I discovered Smashing through my friend and local scrapbook store (LSS) owner, Colleen.  I bought my first Smash book last year and wasn't sure which direction I was going to go in--should it be a wish book, or about my kids, or a Bucket List type thing??

I started out with a page about my kids and the beach.
 And as Barry became part of our family, many pages became about our relationship and milestones that we have reached. I love this page, below, especially Nate's photo-bomb of the bottom right photo!
 My love for Long Beach Island, my childhood home.
 My wish list of places to visit someday in France.
 The song Glitter in the Air, by Pink, was especially meaningful for me in May 2012.
 And so was 1,000 Years by Christina Perri, in April and May 2012.
 I was completely obsessed by Downton Abbey in the winter! Can't wait for Season 3!!!
 The song Stronger by Kelly Clarkson was my theme song for the past year!! STRONGER!!
 And another song, Falling for You by Colbie Caillet was June's theme song!!
I have many other pages done, actually there are only a few empty pages left in my first Smash book! But they are very much about my relationship and I write very honestly about my feelings and thoughts and when I checked the photos, every word of my journaling was readable! But this last photo is not too gushy--Barry and I took the kids to Ocean City one night and had so much fun! The photo booth was our favorite, those faces we are making are hilarious!

What I really love about Smashing is it's GREAT for using up leftover stickers, scraps of paper, "contraband" products such as Washi tape, leftover embellishments that I have, and I really love using library pockets and cards for hiding what I say in my book. I intend for it to be private, all the mushy stuff I put in there, bit I end up showing Barry anyway! It makes me so happy that he loves all the pages about us!

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