Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday my family and I went to the pumpkin patch to ride a hayride and choose our pumpkins--a favorite annual tradition. This year, however, was a little different.

At our CTMH Convention in Dallas this past summer, we had the honor of listening to Stacy Julian speak to all of us, and one of the things she said made such an impact on me. She told a story about a woman who shared a scrapbook layout with Stacy and said it was about her grandmother at Thanksgiving--and Stacy noticed that there was a tiny photo of the grandmother in the corner of the layout--but no details about why that particular year was any more special than another year.

We all have those photos of the annual events-for me it's birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Easter--the biggies. My Pumpkin Patch photos are very similar to other years, just like yours might be.  But this year we had a new family member join us.

My boyfriend Barry joined us for our patch adventure, and would you believe it was his FIRST pumpkin patch EVER??? He really didn't know what to expect but the kids were so super excited that he wanted to come with us. It was a gorgeous day, just a bit windy, which is why Maggie wore her sweatshirt over her hair, and why Natey has his face all squinty--plus he was so excited to get going!

 As soon as we got out off of the hayride, both kids took off in search of the perfect pumpkin.

Maggie quickly chose a pumpkin for Barry, although he did later switch it out for a darker colored one that the kids approved of.

 Back on the hayride with our treasures.
 We bumped into an old friend of mine while playing in the hay maze, and she took a couple of photos of our family (there was a tiny and pretty worn out hay bale to sit on and it was sort of crowded!). We offered to take a family photo for her as well, but her little boy, Jack, wouldn't leave the hay maze and she was happily resigned to spending all day watching him run around!
Barry said that he really enjoyed himself, much more than it appears in the photos! He is learning that I do take photos of everything and then document our adventures. When I do scrapbook these photos, much of my journaling is going to be about how our family as changed since April 2012 (when Barry and I met) and some of our plans for the future. Next year, we all agreed, we're going to a BIG pumpkin patch!

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