Host a Gathering, Earn FREE scrapping supplies!

You know how home parties work, right? You invite friends over, drink wine and eat snacks, the Consultant leads you page by page through the catalog and shows you different items, you generally have to play games designed to book more parties, some people place orders, and they all go home.

I know. I've been to those parties too. And I totally tune out and look through the catalog at my own pace while stuffing my face with the snacks. I certainly don't want to play the games!

MY GATHERINGS ARE NOT LIKE THOSE PARTIES!! First of all, we SCRAP at my gatherings. The hostess decides whether she would like to make a one page layout or we can also make a couple of cards--she decides. I teach HOW TO scrap and stamp, and you learn a new technique to use on your page or card as well. As we work, I do explain our products so you know what you're working with--but there are NO GAMES. Seriously! I don't do them.

I will bring my calendar, and anyone who wants to book their own gathering can certainly do that, I love that! But there is no pressure to host your own party. I do give presents for those who book, both the current hostess and the new hostess at her party! Everyone gets their own Idea Book to take home and keep forever! They are free!

If this sounds like fun to you, please contact me to choose a date for your own gathering. I'd love to share Close to My Heart with you and your friends!

Hostesses that reach $250 in sales for their parties are eligible for our exclusive Hostess Bundles--specially packaged bundles that are half off the retail value!

Avonlea Bundle: Yours for $50.85

Dakota Bindle: Yours for $49.65

La Belle Vie Bundle: Yours for $50.85

Pear & Partridge Bundle: Yours for $50.60

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