NEW!! Betty CROPPER Kits


Raise your hand if you buy box cake mixes.  My hand is up--is yours? The only cake I make from scratch is my son's cake because he has food allergies, and needs a special recipe. All other cakes I use a box mix to get started, and then customize it to my needs, just like you do. Why do I use a box mix? Same as you--easy, convenient, available in a wide assortment of flavors, and saves me time.

Then it hit me:  why not offer the SAME IDEA for scrapbooking???

The number one complaint people have about scrapbooking is TIME. They never have time to plan layouts, shop for supplies (or dig out their supplies from the closet/under the bed/or the basement), and get the paper cut. If they do manage to get all that done, it never fails that they will then have to go attend to someone's needs and the pages just don't get finished.


Introducing "Betty CROPPER Kits"! 

A pre-cut layout kit with easy directions and a photo for assistance! Just like a cake mix!  Layouts will be EASY to assemble in minutes, and if you have time to really go crazy with it and add your own embellishments, go for it! Kits will come with some embellishments of course. All kits will feature ONE 2-page layout complete with bases, pre-cut pieces, a photo for guidance, and embellishments--that's it.  Nothing fancy--nothing time consuming--just a good layout to get you going and get those memories preserved in your albums!

I've seen kits that are breathtaking--complex and detailed and with four pages of step by step directions.  Yes, I love them too.  But I see that the basics are being ignored and I want to fill that space.  Most if not ALL scrappers have a ton of left over embellishments in their stash that they'd like to use up. My kits will allow you to do that--just like when you have a half bag of chocolate chips in the cabinet and you decide to throw them into the batter. Add on to the layout with your own embellishments, stickers, stamps, etc. Or don't. Sometimes simple is best.

Kits will be available for purchase from me directly at a crop, class, or you can schedule a time to come and shop in my home. I will also have a BUY NOW button on this blog for you to use when shopping from home--kits will be sent directly to you with an additional shipping fee (probably around $5).  BEST OF ALL:  ALL KITS WILL BE $10. Yup, $10!!  **If you want to purchase more than one kit, please EMAIL ME to do so. Paypal won't allow me to do a shopping cart option at this time but I want to be able to streamline your shopping experience and save you on shipping. I can ship all the kits in one box and you still pay only $5.**

The first kits that I will be offering will have papers from Typeset, Lucy, Cruisin', and Superhero.  All materials in the kits will be from Close to My Heart. No dollar store card stock here.  Whooo hooooo!!


Includes two white daisy bases, pre-cut patterned paper and card stock, three buttons, 12" of grey wool baker's twine, and three pre-stamped Art Philosophy flowers. Super Cute!


Includes two colonial white bases, pre-cut patterned paper and card stock, three Creme Brulee Just Blooms flowers (stamped), and three black button brads. Love this one!


Includes two white daisy bases, pre-cut patterned paper and card stock.


Includes two white daisy bases, pre-cut patterned paper and card stock. The die cut pieces are NOT cut apart, so you may choose to use them differently. I love this one! The yellow die cut shape has Scrabble tiles on it! LOVE it!